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Platforn 9 3/4  Empty Platforn 9 3/4

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 07, 2015 2:37 pm

Vernon Dursley left Harry at King’s Cross Station without knowing if the platform actually existed or not.  No adults at the train station seem concerned about the eleven year old in baggy clothes who is alone.

  • Should another adult have intervened?
  • We know that Petunia Dursley knows for a fact that platform 9 ¾ exists.
  • Do you think Petunia would have intervened if she hadn’t known it existed?

  • On pg. 92, Molly Weasley says, “Now, what’s the platform number?”
    Molly Weasley went to Hogwarts herself and Ron is her sixth child to go to Hogwarts.  Shouldn’t she know the platform number by now?


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