Snape and Occlumency

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Snape and Occlumency Empty Snape and Occlumency

Post by Admin on Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:43 pm

On pg. 221, Rowling writes, “Harry didn’t see how he could – yet he sometimes had the horrible feeling that Snape could read minds.”
  • We know now that Snape literally can read minds.
  • What implications does this have for the way Snape treats Harry? Especially if Snape hears all of the horrible things that Harry thinks about him?
  • Does Snape read the minds of other students as well? If so, isn’t this an invasion of their privacy?
  • If Snape reads Neville’s mind, he would know the horrendous effects his bullying has on Neville and how much Malfoy bullies him as a result, but he doesn’t stop.


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