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If Hermione hadn’t noticed the trap-door, Ron and Harry would never have known about it.

  • What does it mean for their relationship that Hermione provides this integral information?

On pg. 164, Rowling writes “Hermione was now refusing to speak to Harry and Ron, but she was such a bossy know-it-all that they saw this as an added bonus.”

  • This chapter is when we first really see Hermione, Ron, and Harry’s friendship begin.  How does her description as a “bossy know-it-all” fit into the power dynamics of their friendship?
  • Women who are intelligent and assertive are routinely negatively portrayed in the media and in works of fiction. How do Harry and Ron’s initial perceptions of Hermione color the way that we see her throughout the series?

On pg. 172, Ron calls Hermione a nightmare and says no one can stand her -- within her earshot.
This is not the last time we will hear Ron say something hurtful about someone else, but it seems that people often give him a pass.  Usually, the focus of bullying conversations about the Harry Potter series center on Snape or Malfoy.

  • Why does Ron really call Hermione a nightmare and say no one can stand her?  She has just bested him yet again at school work, so is it really just jealousy or maybe embarrassment?
  • How do gender roles play into this?  If another male student had corrected Ron, would he have reacted the same way or differently?

  • How does it make you feel that Hermione was the “damsel in distress” in this chapter?
  • What is the implication of this on gender roles in the wizarding world?
  • What is the implication of this on gender roles in our society?
  • How do you feel about the fact that Ron wouldn’t have been able to save Hermione from the troll if she hadn’t taught him how to do the spell properly earlier?


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