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Post by Admin on Sat Nov 07, 2015 5:48 pm

Hagrid involves the trio in something dangerous and illegal, gets mad at Ron when Norbert bites him, and lets them take the fall for him when they are caught relocating Norbert to Romania.

  • How do you think Hagrid’s upbringing, loss of his father, and expulsion from Hogwarts may have stunted his social and intellectual growth?
  • Does being half-giant play into Hagrid’s lack of decision making skills and his irresponsibility? If so, how?

Hagrid gets all worked up in CoS about some Roosters being killed, yet in this book we see him killing lots of chickens to get their blood to feed Norbert.
  • Is this an inconsistency in the writing or an inconsistency in Hagrid’s character?
  • Is this an extenuating circumstance because it’s to feed his “baby?”


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